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Internationally certified baby and toddler sleep consultant 


When your baby doesn't sleep, it's exhausting and all consuming. 

Mums come to me saying they feel broken, guilty, worried, frustrated, lack of sleep is causing a strain on their relationship, feel like nothing will work and no idea how to get get their baby to sleep.

Trust me, they say the opposite after working with me for a couple of weeks 

Let me cut the confusion and guide you toward better sleep. 

We all need sleep, including your baby (even if they may not seem like it!) I am passionate about helping you enjoy more sleep, have stress free bedtimes and the energy to be the mum you want to be.

All babies are unique, this is why an impersonal, one size fits all approach, googling at 3am and trying to make any changes on your own hasn't worked.

I don't offer this, what I do offer you is listening to you, supporting you and working WITH you over 2 weeks to get your baby or toddler sleeping more.


I honestly care about you achieving results, this helps me sleep at night!





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