Internationally certified baby and toddler sleep consultant






I show you how to change your baby's sleep habits and get them into nap routine 

which means - you will all be sleeping better in under 2 weeks

You want more sleep, you're ready to make the changes but no idea where to start. Or maybe you feel like you've tried it all. 

Your baby is unique, this is why an impersonal, one size fits all approach, googling at 3am and trying to make any changes on your own hasn't worked.

Work with me and the personalised approach that's right for your baby, you will get the results you want 

Being sleep deprived and being a mum do not have to go hand in hand

"I can't believe the difference working with you has made, my only regret is I didn't do it sooner.  Thank you Tracey! "

Hey,    I'm Tracey

I work with tired mums who are fed up with frequent wake ups overnight and don't want to bring baby into their bed. 




In my 2 week, 1-1 package,

I teach you how to get your baby falling asleep in their cot and sleeping there all night 

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