Supporting mums through baby sleep coaching and parenting classes

You're a busy, dedicated mum who wants the best for your baby.


But maybe the reality of motherhood is harder than you thought it would be and need some help and support. 








Hi, I'm Tracey - baby sleep coach, baby massage & yoga instructor and tummy time practitioner

I offer a range of supportive online group courses or if you're looking for 1-1 support to sort your baby's sleep issues then read on to find out more....

Nurture Baby Course for babies aged 0-5 months

Baby Sleep Course for babies aged 5-18 months

Baby massage course 0-6 months

Mum and baby yoga 8 weeks and over

Need a more personalised, supportive approach to your baby's sleep? Then my 1-1 baby sleep coaching service is perfect for you. I work with you for 2 weeks or more to give a tailored solution to your baby's sleep issue.

I'm on hand every day to offer the advice and support you need to make changes.

I only work with a handful of parents at a time so I can give you the right amount of attention you need. Book a call with me today to chat it through.

Through my 1-1 service I've had the the honour of helping hundreds of families get more sleep without resorting to bed sharing or leaving your baby to cry all night.

Looking for a supportive community and advice to help your little one sleep better, join my

free private Facebook group. 

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