I am a single mum to three children and know first hand what it's like to be sleep deprived, two of my children needed lots of support to fall asleep, didn't nap and frequently woke during the night. I look back now and can’t believe the lengths I would go to try and get my babies to sleep. How exhausted I was and the pressure I put myself under. I read all the books but couldn't work out what was best for my baby, I asked friends and family for advice and although they meant well their advice was often unhelpful or even sometimes made me feel worse! 

Parents you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting a good night's sleep, nor should you feel bad for the choices you make to support your child's sleep. You are the expert on your child. Sleep deprivation is not a badge we have to wear! 

I strongly believe in the benefits of baby massage and I did these classes with all of my children (and I’m not a baby group person!) I loved the one on one time it gave me with my babies doing a structured activity that was really beneficial as I could use it at home too.

My background is nursing and specialised in oncology and community nursing and then moved to working in a nursery, so I have a wealth of experience of supporting people through difficult times in their lives. I wanted a more flexible career that would fit around my family but still wanted to help people which is why I retrained and focused my attention of helping families.


My role as a sleep coach and baby massage instructor is not just about passing on my advice but being on hand to help and support parents at what can be the most amazing time of their life but also a very new and daunting time filled with confusion and exhaustation.


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