Baby classes 

Baby massage is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby. It allows you to truly focus on your baby while learning a life long skill. 

​Baby massage has many health benefits not just for baby but you too. Great way to calm baby and can help with wind, colic and teething pain.

Now you can learn baby massage in the comfort of your own home through virtual class. ​We do the sessions together and I break the strokes down into easy to follow and remember sequences. 













I show you how to properly and confidently massage your baby.

You will learn how to massage your baby's feet legs, chest, arms, hands, head, face and back. 


Next course dates:
January 2021
5 week online baby massage  
suitable from birth 
Tummy time masterclass
suitable from birth 
Online Baby yoga course
(must have had their 6 week check) 

I also show you a sequence to help relieve pain of colic and constipation