Baby sleep programme 

You'll be part of a small group and I'll be in the group every day helping you find the right sleep solution for your baby

You don't need to be available at a certain time the info will be in the group until the course ends and you can post questions whenever and I'll answer them

From stopping feeding to sleep, night weaning, and settling to sleep, routines and naps, to teething and sleep regressions

If your baby isn't ready for these changes just yet - no problem, that's the beauty of the course - you go at your own pace - it gives you the practical methods and know how to do it when you and your baby are ready 

Doesn’t matter if you’re breast feeding, bottle feeding, want to be in the room, out of the room, working, stay at home mum ....

this course is for you

This isn’t a one size fits all course.

It’s not just another downloadable course - where you have to trawl through all the waffle to find some bit of info that may or may not help - I want to give you proper value

Big difference - I’m there in the group every day to help you. I’ll help you find the right solution for you and your baby

Cost - £87 We start 19th October and spaces are limited. E-mail me to book or for more information 

Wondering if this will help you?

For example:

You breastfeed your baby to sleep and want to learn how to stop feeding to sleep and ultimately how to gently wean off night feeds - we’ve got it covered

You want to get your baby into a routine - we’ve got it covered

You want your baby to nap in their cot - we’ve got it covered

Your baby has never self settled in their cot - you want them to start doing this - we’ve got it covered

You’re bottle feeding your baby and want to learn how to settle them to sleep in their cot, without you staying with them - we’ve got it covered

Your baby is going through separation anxiety and teething - we’ve got it covered

You want to make changes big or small - then this is for you

Numbers are limited as I want to be able to give you valuable attention

2020 is now full but to be added to the waiting list for early 2021 e-mail me