Do you have a baby under 6 months?



feeling more confident, have the knowledge and practical know how to help your baby sleep better.


to be able to navigate through the first 6 months and beyond without constantly googling or reading countless baby books.


This course is all totally gentle and respectful of your baby, no cry based methods or withholding feeds.

It is not sleep training. 

Each week there will be easy to follow live training and a group coaching call to chat and discuss any issues you may be facing. 

Live sessions to include:

1) Sleep biology from newborn to 6 months old, what to expect, what is normal,
how to set up your baby's room,
safe sleeping

2) Common issues facing babies this age and how you can help. We will cover issues such as colic, reflux, teething, 4 month regression

3) Attachment and responsive parenting to include me showing you how to massage your baby

4) Naps, bedtime routine, overnight sleep, age appropriate awake times, example nap schedules as baby gets older, dream feeding vs awake feeding

5) Sleep settling techniques and methods ideal for this age group

6) Advice and how to guide, for when you and your baby want to move away from feeding/rocking/holding to sleep, night weaning reducing and stopping feeds




Group coaching call each week will be really informal and a safe space to chat through any issues or concerns you have with other parents and myself. Whilst getting to know each other.

Groups will be small and maximum of 6, so spaces are limited.

Cost of the course will be £250


I'm offering it at an introductory price of £197 if booked before Aug 31st 
AND as an extra to you, this introductory price will include a private 45 minute 1-1 call with me

Starts Monday 14th September

E-mail to book or for more information