Baby nurture and baby sleep course

Baby nurture course

Designed to help you be responsive to your baby's needs, nurture their development and get them off to the best sleep start 

Over 5 weeks:

weekly baby massage via zoom

weekly zoom chat

weekly mum and baby yoga

tummy time masterclass 

how to develop healthy sleep habits

awake times

optimum room environment for sleep 

when and how long your baby should nap


pro's and cons of dummy 

plus practical help with colic

4 month regression

All takes place in a small private Facebook group


Starts 22nd Feb £65

Baby sleep course


Designed to give you the knowledge to make changes and help your baby sleep better.


Over 4 weeks we will cover:

Basics of your baby's sleep, what to expect

Bedtime routine


Routines until baby is 2 years old 

Settling baby to sleep methods

Overnight sleep


Night weaning when ready 



Early morning wake ups 

Plus a 30 minute phone call with me 

You will be part of a small private Facebook group with access to me in the group every day 

Starts 8th Feb £65