I’ve tried everything and nothing works

- this may or may not be true but haven’t tried the right method, solution. What I offer is WAY more than a settling to sleep method

My baby is too young

- I only use methods that are age appropriate and respectful of your baby’s needs

My toddler is too old

- No they’re not, you can make changes at any age

My partner isn’t on board with it

- I get it, I’ve worked with tons of sceptical dads at the beginning. None are sceptical at the end. It’s best if you and your partner agree but if you’re partner isn’t on board. Ask him, ok so if you’re not prepared to pay for help are you going to share the night wakings 50/50 or do all of them so you can get sleep?

It’s not the right time

- Why not? Really? We can talk ourselves out of anything but ask yourself if now really isn’t the right time - when WILL IT BE THE RIGHT TIME

It’ll get better on its own

- I’m pretty sure your 14 year old won’t still be breastfeeding to sleep, sleeping in your bed or needing you to settle them back to sleep every 2 hours.

BUT how long can you carry on doing what you are doing? Another week, another month, another year?

It’s too much money

- money is relevant to what you’re buying. To work with me for 2 weeks it’s an investment of £245. Is it really too much money to spend to feel human, feel like yourself again, change your life, get more sleep, have time to yourself, not be constantly questioning yourself, wondering if you’re doing the right thing

- I work with you for 2 weeks, do you really not think that’s worth it? Is your family not worth it?


Stop making excuses and

let’s work together for 2 weeks to get your baby sleeping