Dream feeds

So dream feeds, this is my take on them and I’ll say from the outset I’m 50/50 on them

Most newborns are cluster feeding so a dream feed is pointless.. right - so rather than waiting up to do a dream feed go to bed and get sleep.

Also when your baby is over 6 months this can actually be the reason your baby is waking after midnight.

When I work with babies over 6 months I always encourage parents to try and settle baby (where possible) then feed baby when they wake themselves at their first wake after 10/11pm.

As with most things babies, a dream feed is not a one size fits all fix, as you know I don’t believe in one size fits all approach

So if your baby is 3-6 months feeding regularly then yes maybe a dream feed is a good option.

Also if your baby is older, waking loads i.e every hour, feeding to sleep and you’re wanting to night wean - dream feeding can help here too.

Confused yet?!

E-mail me at info@trusttracey.co.uk

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let’s chat to see if dream feeding is right for your baby or if it’s time to drop it

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