Separation anxiety

We hear loads about the 4 month regression but I find that some other regressions can be equally if not tougher to deal with, (sorry mums )

So let’s talk separation anxiety - it can hit babies different ages often from around 9 months. Your baby may not be affected by it until after 12 months or even later but same info applies

It can present itself in

refusal to nap, not wanting to be left at bedtime, waking more at night, crying when you leave the room, unsettled at childcare,

What can you do....

firstly accept this is a normal phase your baby is going through

play peek a boo

hide toys under a blanket

baby version of hide and seek

lift the flap books

Anything that baby realises when something disappears it reappears again

practice leaving your baby alone - leave them somewhere safe and say goodbye and leave the room - build this time up 30 seconds, 1 minute etc

Even if your baby cries as you’re leaving still leave don’t go to them and pick them up and take them with you

Purposeful leaving - kiss hug then leave - don’t linger or keep coming back for more hugs and kisses - if you’re leaving your baby with someone else you trust them right?! So trust they’ll comfort your baby when you’ve gone

They need to learn mum leaves but that’s ok because she’ll be back

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