Should I give my baby a dummy?

Dummies: 👶🏻 Love them or loathe them?

I've had lots of messages about dummies. So here's my take on them.

If a mum with a newborn asked me should I give my baby a dummy? I'd say yes try it (once feeding has been established) it might get you through some difficult times. Some babies like them (love them) and some don't. But don't let the dummy replace feeding and don't use a dummy to reduce a feed, unless told to by your midwife or lactation consultant - let baby finish the feed on their own.

The pro's: Sucking is a great comfort for newborn babies.

It can help babies suffering with reflux as the extra saliva produced by sucking on a dummy reduces the ph level in the baby’s stomach and the constant sucking helps keep the reflux down.

The con's: Until baby can learn to find and replace it themselves you'll be doing countless dummy runs to baby to keep putting the dummy back in If you don't get rid of it before it becomes an association or sleep prop, then baby may have it until they are a toddler Becomes a habit Can interfere with speech and teeth development if used for too long

If you know you're not going to keep the dummy long term: Limit their use when baby is a newborn.

Don't always use it for sleep.

Try pulling the dummy out of baby's mouth before they fall asleep so they learn to sleep without it

Don't give it to baby straight away for a nap try and settle them in your arms or by shushing and patting first for say 15-20 mins then if this doesn't work give them the dummy

You can stick to the newborn size dummy and not buy next size so it's a bit too small and not quite giving the desired effect.

If you're going to get rid of the dummy there's no magic way it's simply ditch it. Baby will be upset for a few days and you're likely to have lots of tears but then if you get rid of it around 6 months or earlier won't be as bad habit to break and baby will forget all about it. If baby is over 7/8 months you can replace the dummy with a small hanky sized comforter.

Going to keep the dummy?

Find and replace: If baby is over 7/8 months you can introduce a comforter like a sleepytot that you can attach dummies to so baby can find this themselves.

Put lots of dummies in the cot.

From around 7/8 months baby can learn to find and replace their dummy teach them these steps practice during the day:

1) Place the dummy in their hand and guide it to their mouth for 2-3 day’s. 2) Place the dummy in their hand so that they can put it in themselves for 2-3 days. 3) Place the dummy on the mattress beside them and pat the mattress to indicate where it is, so that they can reach over and grab it for themselves.

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