Travelling with baby

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Travelling and holidays with babies top tips:

We are often daunted by the thought of travelling with babies so thought I'd share some of my tips with you that I have found useful over the years. Feel free to comment and let us know yours too. 👇

Try and recreate baby’s sleep space at home as much as possible. Black out blinds, white noise, usual comforter if baby has one, sleeping bag so may need a different tog. Take their sheet from home unwashed.

If baby always naps in cot try and get them used to napping in their pram or sling now so you’re not too restricted.

If travelling different time zones - don’t plan much for first day or 2 as you may need to write it off. Expect a few sleepless nights. May need extra feeding to help baby sleep so just go with it. If you’re breastfeeding takes time for your breast milk to adjust to different time zone.

First few days let baby nap when they want to rather than being too regimented. But not for too long so if land at 3pm don't let them nap for 3 hours if you want baby to have usual bedtime.

Keep bedtime routine consistent if you don’t have one then look to start one.

Lots of exposure to daylight and active play during the day. Wake baby at 7 and expose them to light straight away to help set their circadian rhythm

✈️Be the last to board the plane. Landing is often worse than taking off so be ready to feed or get baby to suck during landing.

Take a sling with you check with airport some ask you to take it off others don’t for security.

New toy preferably not too noisy. Something that is not too small and easily lost in the footwell.

Take blankets planes are cold. Dress baby in comfortable layers that are easy to take off. Vest and sleepsuit are ideal.

Take extra nappies and wipes if formula feeding may be worth getting baby used to drinking room temp formula.

🚗plan lots of extra stops, factor in feeding and changing times to your journey.

Take extra everything! Dress baby in cool layers remember babies get very hot in a car seat, cover in a blanket if needed that is easy to remove.

Take extra nappies and wipes foldable changing mat and nappy sacks. If formula feeding may be worth getting baby used to drinking room temp formula.

If travelling more than 1 adult one of you sit in the back with baby.

New toys and practice singing lots of silly songs and nursery rhymes, download songs or use CD.

Above all have a great trip - the journey often isn't as bad as you think it will be