What is baby massage?

What is Baby Massage? Baby massage is the gentle stroking with your hands of your baby’s body. Touch is a fundamental human need and baby massage provides the perfect way for parents to do this with their baby. As well as it being just about the nicest activity you can do with your baby it has many other benefits:

💫 Relaxation for you and baby 💫 Helps calm baby 💫 Improve sleep patterns 💫 Promotes bonding with baby 💫 Great for circulation 💫 Gain confidence handling baby 💫 Helps relieve symptoms of colic, constipation and teething

Baby massage isn’t just for babies, I always encourage parents to carry on massaging whatever their child’s age and show how the strokes can be adapted for older babies, toddlers and children of any age.

My courses are 5 weeks and each week we spend each week concentrating on different areas of baby’s body to create an all over body massage.

All over body massage between parent and baby can you think of a nicer way to just be with your baby?

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