You've made a positive step by looking for help, I cut out the confusion, stop you from feeling overwhelmed. 

I'm here to help, support and guide you towards more sleep. 


More sleep starts here!



Parent to be 



Suitable from pregnancy/birth

Advice and guidance on setting up healthy sleep habits for your newborn baby.

Are you wondering what to expect with your baby's sleep, what is normal, how will you settle your baby? 


Advice on setting up baby's sleep space, safe sleep and creating the best possible environment for your baby's sleep

Awake times

Guidance on a settling technique to help baby sleep in their cot with video demonstration

Advice about swaddling, dummies

Tips to help with colic and video baby massage sequence to help

Follow up e-mail to be used with 12 weeks after baby was born to answer any questions


Ideal baby shower gift for a friend or colleague. 




Sleep shaping phone call - suitable from 4 months to 8 years old


Tailored advice: £75.00


A one hour phone call with me to talk through your child's sleep issue and create a plan. 

After our chat I will e-mail you through an overview of what we discussed and my suggestions 

(Before the call I will e-mail you a questionnaire to give me an insight into the issue)

This is ideal if you want suggestions to your child's sleep issues but don't need ongoing support or a full plan


Sweet dreams £245 - suitable from 4 months to 4 years old 

Tailored plan, video or telephone consultation and 2 weeks full support: £245

Comprehensive assessment

Detailed sleep plan tailored to your family's needs so you get more sleep 

Telephone or video consultation for 60 minutes, to chat it all through

Daily check in via whatsapp or text for 2 weeks 

Daily review of sleep and activity logs

x 4, 15 min phone calls or e-mails 

What is included in the sleep plan? 

My sleep plans are really detailed but super easy to follow. It depends on your child's sleep issue and age as each plan is created for each individual child. But likely to include, information and advice about normal sleep, optimum room environment, age appropriate routines, awake times, feeding, nutrition, bedtime routine & nap routine, keeping or removing the dummies as well as my recommended settling methods to help your child fall asleep easier and for longer.

For toddlers it can also include my advice for moving into a bed, behaviour, potty training and early morning wake ups.

How this works:

At booking I will e-mail you a questionnaire that you complete and e-mail back to me. This is a great starting place to give me an insight into your child, your family and the sleep issue. We can follow this up with a chat or e-mail to discuss in more detail. Then I'll create a step by step sleep plan giving you all the information you need to solve your child's sleep issue. Once you've read through it, we arrange a convenient time to chat it all through at length. Here you can ask questions and make sure you're happy and feel comfortable and confident with the plan. Then we get started! I know making changes or following a plan can be difficult on your own so that's why for 2 weeks I am here to support and guide you. I message you each morning to check in with you, how you're feeling and see how your night was, offer advice re: nap times and troubleshoot any issues. I also offer 4 scheduled calls or e-mails during the 2 weeks to give you the flexible support you need. 


















"My daughter could only sleep by me breastfeeding her to sleep, I had no idea what to do and where to go for help. I did not want to co-sleep anymore as none if us were getting any sleep! I saw one of Tracey's facebook posts completely by chance and I started following her. I contacted her and we arranged a 15 minute chat (I think it was more like 40 minutes) she was amazing she gave me some helpful tips to try and saw a difference straight away. I wanted someone to hold my hand and show me the way,  I took a package with 2 weeks support and this really was support. She was literally at the end of the phone and always messaged me straight back even when I was being a really inconsistent parent. She didn't judge me when I found things difficult and if it wasn't for her constant support I would have stopped because at times it was tough. Tracey explained this all to me and never promised a quick fix, I appreciated her honesty and I will be in touch when baby number 2 has arrived. Her name is under sleep fairy on my phone." Megan and Tilly 9 months.

" Tracey has been a lifesaver. I was at my wits end and had no idea how to get out of the bad habits we'd made. I was worried about using a sleep consultant as I didn't want to leave my baby to cry and that's what I thought sleep training would mean. But I was wrong she showed me an in the room method that made me feel comfortable and as my son was suffering separation anxiety it suited him really well. She gave me some much useful help and tips and the plan was easy to follow but the thing that made the difference was Tracey herself. She is so 'real' and made me feel completely at ease, a text from her and all my anxieties would disappear. My husband was very sceptical about using a sleep consultant but he has been the first to recommend her to all our friends who are having sleep issues! Thank you Tracey x" Amy and Zack 13 months

"My daughter who is 3 and a half was having problems getting to sleep at bedtime. A friend of mine from pre-school had worked with Tracey to help her baby self settle and she suggested I gave her a call. I wasn't sure if my daughter's sleep problems warranted working with a sleep coach but we took her phone call option and it was great. We chatted things through and she gave me lots of advice. This was all followed up in an e-mail. She also messaged me to see how I was getting on and kept in touch. I'm now pregnant with my second baby and I will be in touch again very soon to help with our peanut" Lucy and Isla 3 1/2 years old.

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