Are you confused how to help your baby or toddler sleep? 

Dread bedtime? 

No time in the evenings?

Feel like you spend all day trying to get your baby to sleep?

Worried about creating bad habits?

Tired of typing in google or reading sleep help books? 

Feel like nothing will work?

Want to make changes but no idea where to start?

Please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation 

Imagine if at the end of 2 weeks you could:


feel calm at bedtime,

enjoy more free time in the evenings, 

have a routine that works for your baby and you,

know the best way to settle your baby to sleep, 

have access to me every day to answer your questions, give you advice and the support you need

get more sleep at night,

stop feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed

have the right solution for your baby


Let's work together over 2 weeks and get your baby or toddler sleep better

2 weeks full support

newborn - 3 years old

Comprehensive assessment

Bespoke, sleep plan created just for your little one 

45 minute consultation

2 weeks whatsapp or e-mail support

4 x 15 min phone calls 

Daily review of sleep logs

£236 until 30th September

What is included in the package?

Your sleep plan is unique and created just for your little one. I e-mail you a detailed questionnaire which gives me a real insight into the sleep issue, your baby and what you want to achieve or change. I then write my detailed advice in an easy to follow step by step sleep plan.

Depends on the sleep issue and age of your baby or child but likely to include, my recommendation for sleep time settling method, information and advice about normal sleep, optimum room environment, age appropriate schedule, awake times, naps, feeding, nutrition, bedtime routine & nap routine, keeping or removing the dummy. 

For toddlers it can also include my advice for moving into a bed, behaviour, creating gentle boundaries, potty training and early morning wake ups.

We then have a 45 minute consultation to talk through the plan, chance to ask any questions, concerns check you're happy and on board to make the changes. 

You have access to unlimited Whatsapp messaging support with me 7 days a week 9am - 9pm

4 x 15 minute phone calls