Work with me 1-1 

Mums often say to me they feel exhausted, confused, anxious and alone. Worried about making bad habits, feel like they've tried everything.

Is this how you feel?


As a (previously sleep deprived) mum of three, I can relate to how hard life is when your baby doesn't sleep.

That's why I'm committed to helping you get more sleep 

(this helps me sleep at night!)

I listen to you and make a detailed assessment of your sleep situation. 

By using a variety of methods, I tailor the solution to meet the needs of your family.

How would you feel ....... 

if you had someone to take away your confusion

if you had a clear plan how to settle your baby at bedtime and nap time

if you got more sleep 

if you had more time to yourself 

if you weren't spending your whole day getting your baby to sleep 

if you had more time in the evenings to spend with your partner 

if you could say goodbye to bedtime struggles

if you could stop feeling lost 

if you had someone to show you how to make the changes you know you have to make 

if have someone on hand to answer your questions, offer reassurance and support 

Turn those 'if's' into reality and let's work together to get your family more sleep

Honestly, I'm not into BS or false promises. If I don't think I can help you, (don't worry this is rare!) I'll tell you. If I don't think you need my help I'll tell you.


Sleep support 

5 months - 3 years 

Comprehensive assessment

Bespoke, sleep plan created just for your baby 

60 minute telephone consultation

2 weeks support 


3 weeks support