Dear Tracey, thank you so much for the advice  and support you have given to my wife over these past few weeks. From the minute we met when you came to our home to show us baby massage you put me at ease. ___ was so worried she would be judged as a bad parent. But this absolutely was not the case - you definitely made her feel she was not alone and you were so honest and open. 
As you know my wife was struggling with many feelings about our baby and finding it difficult to care and connect with him. Baby massage was a great stepping in stone in helping my wife deal with her anxieties. 
We have started using your sleep plan and already seen massive results which has helped enormously. It wasn't easy and without your support there's no way we would have continued. My wife feels human again after months of feeling utterly exhausted and no idea where to turn to for help. We have our evenings back to spend together as a couple. I can't thank you enough. I know you are still in daily contact with my wife, you go above and beyond. Feel free to share this in the hope it can help others but please not our names, many of our friends do not know of my wife's struggles. 

Heading 2