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I purchased one of Tracey's newborn advice plans when I was 8 months pregnant, I am so pleased I did. This was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect with regards to sleep when my baby was born. It gave me all the tools I needed to prepare and when my baby was born I felt reassured that what she was doing is normal. 



4 months old

The advice Tracey gave me was invaluable and I immediately felt more confident in getting my son to sleep once she had helped give me a clear structure and explained how I was missing key signals that he was tired. Her initial consultation is very in depth and her advice is individual and her recommendations are easy to follow and explained in great detail.



5 months old. 

I met Tracey at just the right time. I was totally and utterley exhausted after 5 months of broken sleep was exacerbated by the dreaded 4 month regression. Tracey took the time to understand our individual circumstances, the routine we had in place and personality of our daughter. We discussed in detail what we hoped to achieve through working with her and she provided us with a personalised plan. Tracey's calm, measured yet warm approach was instantly reassuring and exactly what I needed after muddling through.


6 month old

We reached out to Tracey after my 6 month old boy had been waking every 15-60 minutes during the night and sometimes not even settling at all. Once we received our plan we noticed a difference within a couple of days. Now a month on and we have a baby who sleeps from 18.30 until 7pm with only a couple of wake ups for feeding which is amazing. Somewhere we never thought we would be. Tracey was also very supportive and friendly something which is definitely needed for a sleep deprived mum!


7 month old

I spoke to a few sleep consultants before I booked with Tracey. I knew instantly that she was right to work with, she was so friendly and honest. I took her full package which I'm so pleased I did, I knew that without her holding my hand I would not make any changes. I'm sure she'll agree I wasn't the easiest client (lol) but she stuck with me. Thank you so much Tracey, you have completely changed my life


9 month old

Tracey is fantastic, she has saved my sanity! I was at a complete loss before, had no idea how to settle my daughter off to sleep without rocking her back and forth in her pram for over an hour at bedtime. I thought we were a lost cause as our daughter had never slept in her cot. Tracey took all this on board and wrote us a plan. She was totally honest and explained this would not be a quick fix but we had to picture where we wanted to be in a few months time (which is what we did) she was so supportive during our time together and even after the package finished she checked in with us to see how we were getting on. 3 months later and now our daughter sleeps all night in her cot this is something I never thought possible. Thank you so much Tracey you have helped me and my marriage more than you will ever know.


10 months old

Tracey is brilliant! I have found her so supportive and helpful. We have literally gone from being up pretty much all night long and not being able to leave Finn in his own room for longer than about 30 mins, to now being able to pop him in there at night fully awake and he smiles at me as I shut the door and drifts off to sleep! Such a happier and more peaceful experience for the whole family! Thank you Tracey


13 months old

I first met Tracey when we attended her baby massage course, she was so welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. She gave us some great tips with sleep and newborns but around 8 months Jake went through a sleep regression and his sleep went out the window. I wish I had contacted Tracey sooner and not spent those months sleep deprived. I was going back to work and was worried how I would cope at work and up most the night with baby. Tracey was her usual lovely self and wrote a plan that got us back on track. I'm back at work and getting full night's sleep thanks to Tracey. Highly recommend



15 months old

We were struggling for 4 months to get our 15 month old down at night and were going into her 2/3 times a night sometimes for a couple of hours at a time. We contacted Tracey and within 3 days our little one was settling herself to sleep and se even napped during the day in her cot, soemthing she had never done. We're now almost 2 months later and everyone's getting a full night's sleep. For anyone struggling I would 100 percent recommend Tracey! Thank you, thank you thank you



17 months

I wish I had made the decision to get some sleep advice and support for out toddler sooner. Tracey's detailed plan, support and advice has given us the tools to change our toddler's sleep behaviours for the better. Tracey supported us every step of the way to achieving our sleep goals. I would not hesitate in recommending Tracey to anyone who feels like they have tried everything and just wants more sleep for the whole family! 



Twin 2 year olds

A colleague recommended Tracey to me as my wife and I were having issues with bedtime for our twin boys, which often took us over 2 hours. We took her e-mail only plan and it was fantastic, it was really detailed and her suggestions worked. We now have our evenings back, thank you Tracey 


I attended Tracey's baby massage course with my newborn, mainly to help him relax and alleviate wind. But as a first time mum, I learnt loads more besides about how to connect with and respond to my baby. Tracey creates a gentle and supportive environment. I'd wholly recommend and won't hesitate to consult Tracey on any baby sleep issues down the line. Thank you, Tracey 


I really enjoyed baby massage with Tracey. It was a really fun and informative class with lots of time for chatting with likeminded mums - plus tea and cake. It was great to have the opportunity to get advice from Tracey too. I highly recommend. 


Tracey runs a lovely relaxed massage course, it is a nice small group and Tracey is very easy going. There is ample time to be able to ask questions and for repetition if required. 


I really enjoyed the massage class with Tracey. It was a relaxed class and nice and small. I will definitley carry on using the massage routine on my daughter and having the handout is great! Tracey is very friendly and helpful was happy to hold my daughter while I drank my cup of tea in peace! 


Fantastic baby massage course. Both myself and my little boy loved learning the techniques and enjoy using them at home. It was lovely relaxed environment and also a great place to meet other mums! There was also always cake which is obviously an added bonus. Thank you Tracey


We did the massage course and loved every minute. Tracey is so friendly. Was lovely having that extra bonding time with my little one and meeting some nice mums. Would highly recommend. 


Tracey's baby massage course has been my favourite baby class. Informative, relaxed and all the babies seemed to have a lovely time. Highly recommended