Your little one isn't a baby anymore.

They're walking, talking finding their own personality.

They're growing up but maybe they haven't grown out of certain sleep issues. Or maybe they were sleeping well but their sleep has gone backwards?


Whatever the problem, big or small I can help.

If you're needing a bit of advice to get things back on track my 1 hour phone call would probably be the best option.

Or if you need help and support to make changes you can't put off any longer then have a look at my 2-3 week package. 

1 hour sleep shaping phone call


During the call we can chat in depth about your toddler's sleep issue and my suggestions to help.  After booking I will send you a link to my calendar and choose a time that suits you, I have day, evening and weekend availability.

Need more support with your toddler's sleep then work with me for 2/3 weeks